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Evan Li


I'm Evan, an undergrad CS student and Laidlaw scholar at Columbia.


/ Software Engineering at Kasisto

Kasisto is a leading virtual assistant provider for banking and finance. I worked on the natural language platform team.

/ Deputy Newsroom Developer at the Columbia Daily Spectator

Spectator is a student-run newspaper at Columbia. I work on a team that develops interactive news articles and internal software tools for journalists

/ Research Assistant at the Columbia Dialogue Systems Lab

I co-authored a research paper accepted to Findings of EMNLP on partial differential privacy. I was also 1 of 25 Columbia first-years selected to lead an independent research project as part of the Laidlaw fellowship. I completed a project on fallacious argument detection in low-data settings using masked language modeling under Professor Yu.

/ NLP engineering at NLMatics

NLMatics is a text analytics startup. There, I worked directly under CEO and head of engineering to train AI models for processing financial documents, shipping two models to production.

/ Research at the MIT Deliberatorium

At the MIT Deliberatorium I developed an argument-relation prediction algorithm with mentorship from Dr. Mark Klein


/ SapphoGPT

I trained the GPT-2 language model to automatically fill in the blanks on Sappho's missing poetry. This was for my Fall 2020 Literature Humanities final project

/ Literature Humanities Map

A map that visualizes the geographical origins of important historical texts.

/ HoneyBunch

HoneyBunch is a peer to peer food delivery app for small items.

/ ClimateConvos

A twitter bot that discusses climate change with other twitter users.

/ RegisRoar

An ongoing project with a team from the Columbia Data Product Initiative to build an app that provides course scheduling reccomendations for Columbia undergrads